Yoga Haus

A Yoga House is always a special place. It is a place open for all the people who wants to do their own Yoga Practice together. When this happen everybody comes in peace and silent vibes in order to experience the combination of movement, breathing and gazing inwards. While practicing, while doing meditation at such a Yoga place every single person creates a special energy .

That is why many Yogis say: “A YOGA SHALA or a YOGA HOUSE IS AN ENERGETIC POWER OF SOURCE and ENERGY. A KIND OF HOLY PLACE” I only can confirm this. I would like to offer such places for everybody in two different continents.


My favorate place, my favorate village, my favorate island. The village the place on the beach, whole Sougia, is higly vibrating. The Yoga House in Sougia is in the centre of the village but completely silent. The house has space for the Yoga teacher  – the students or the people who wants to join the Yoga sessions or the retreat have accomodation in the village.

The Yoga house in Kenya is like a yoga retreat. Yoga students and teachers are housed in a house or distributed on two houses. A chef and staff provides the guests around the clock and takes care of the physical well-being. Gardeners and administrators are on the property during their stay, but they tend to stay in the background. The beach is about 10 minutes away by car. Taxis are available on site. The yoga place is in the middle of the beautiful garden and is proteced from sun and wind and moscitos.